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Jonathan and Autumn Conroy have been married since 2003. They reside in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. Currently their business is located in Cornell, but they are adding a second location in Gladstone. They have two adorable children, as well as two German Shepherds: Mauser, who is Old Glory Firearms’ Mascot, and Macey. They are active members of Berean Baptist Church in Escanaba, Michigan, which they faithfully attend. In 2011 they started their business, Old Glory Firearms, and have been successfully running it ever since.


Old Glory Firearms is a small, family-oriented business that always strives to give the best customer service in the area. Through years of hard work, dedication, and planning they have turned their dreams into reality. Though the business may be small, they are achieving big things. Old Glory Firearms has plans to continue growing and expanding in the next few years.

Autumn Conroy

Store Manager/CFO


Autumn is a full-time wife and mother, who is also the co-owner of Old Glory Firearms. Autumn is in charge of running the gun store and indoor firing range, both of which will be opening in April 2019. Jonathan taught her everything she knows about guns, and eventually his passion became her own. Autumn has an AAS degree in Accounting, and currently does independent tax returns as well as being the CFO of Old Glory Firearms. Autumn keeps everything at Old Glory Firearms running smoothly. In her free time she enjoys playing piano, physical fitness, baking cookies, and shooting guns..  

Jonathan Conroy


Jonathan is an independent truck driver, a package handler at FedEx, and the owner of Old Glory Firearms. Jonathan has had a love for firearms his entire life, and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. Jonathan is extremely passionate about teaching the proper methods for handling firearms, and finding the right firearm for every customer. Jonathan’s dream has long been to open and operate his own firearms store and indoor shooting range, and now his dream is coming true. Jonathan is an NRA Counselor, and is currently certified to teach over 20 different classes, including the Concealed Pistol License (CPL) class. Jonathan’s hobbies include: watching movies, riding his motorcycle, spending time with his family, and any firearm related activity.

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